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Client Testimonials

In their own words, Adept Flow clients share their reviews.

Client Testimonials


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After working with Marsha for about 4 months I literally increased my salary by 12% and landed a job I love at a leading, national media publication.
— Editor

I set myself a high bar. Very driven and I am pretty relentless. I demand a lot from myself in work, for family, and in the personal challenges I set for myself. Having Marsha as a coach has made it possible for me to continue to push for better, for gold instead of bronze in my mind. To have blind spots revealed and new highs revealed as achievable. There is only so much you can do alone. Get a coach. Marsha is a great one!
— Country Manager, Venture Capital Firm

I’ve worked with Marsha over the past 7 months and after 1 month of working together I no longer felt stuck in my various endeavors. I also was able to improve my overall communication style, which included improving my active listening and stating my intentions and desires.
— Entrepreneur, Skin Care Start-Up

During my last annual work review, it was strongly recommended that I engage in executive coaching to help build my professional weaknesses. Luckily, I crossed paths with Adept Flow. I reached a point in my life and career where clarity and perspective were very much in need. Marsha Prospere’s coaching is what I needed and still require to help remain focused and reallocate wasted energy. Her resolute guidance has allowed me to open closed doors and understand areas that required nurturing and development. Through our working sessions and actionable advice, I was able to overcome challenges including public speaking and other elements of leadership presence. I highly recommend Adept Flow’s services!
— Vice President, Capital Management Firm