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4 Tips to Finding Purpose in Your Life

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Monday’s used to be drab and filled with melancholy. I would daydream of calling out sick and staying in bed or lounging on the couch with a never-ending cup of tea. Fantasies of being independently wealthy and running a number of successful businesses would fill my head. Quitting my job to travel for a year also was a top fantasy that would play over and over as I got ready for work. 

Tired of just having fantasies I wanted to be more fulfilled in life. And so I discovered my purpose and started Adept Flow. Now, Monday’s are filled with vibrant color and high energy. Finding purpose is one way towards living a fulfilled and happy life. Below are 4 ways to find your purpose: 


Tip #1 - Me Time

Set time aside for yourself and do something that makes you happy. However you describe happiness, you should live more of it. Because of how we live, all of the distractions we face and all of the options we have, as a society we’re more detached from who we truly are as individuals. Most times we’ve forgotten what truly makes us happy. You know that thing that you could do and get lost in for hours and when you pick your head up, you breathe a deep breath, smile, and feel full. Our founder tries to ensure that she has at least one hour of “me time” everyday. During that time she’s either creating, learning or exploring. 

Let’s hear from you in the comments. If you could set aside 1 hour for yourself everyday what would you do? Can you start doing that one thing today? 


Tip #2 - Get Moving!

Move. Stand up, stretch, walk, run, exercise, do anything. Just move your body. Stagnation is bad for most thing for a reason. Movement has profound positive effects on our brain like: stress and anxiety reduction, sharpening your memory, boosting self-esteem, brain-power and creativity. Energy and thoughts flow when you move. Movement also helps to physically shift your perspective. And that shift can help to unlock that which makes you feel fulfilled.

What helps you shift perspective or get into a mental zone? Comment below.


Tip #3 - From Head to Heart

Get out of your head. We’re in our head too much. We think about how we feel instead of feeling how we feel. Your feelings are like an internal GPS. If you don’t feel good in any given moment listen to that feeling. It’s direction that you’re giving yourself. And vice versa, if it feels good, listen to yourself. Get curious and learn why it feels good. Then do more of that.

When was the last time you truly listened to your feelings and acted from that place? 


Tip #4 - Get Curious!

Get curious! Look for more than just one answer, one way to do things, one way to feel. Think about how else to go about solving problems, achieving goals, or filling your time. Get curious about the things that bring you joy and make you feel good. Get curious about the people in your life and the way your spend your precious time. 

I positively challenge you to be curious. You’ll see your world in a different light.

I’m curious. What is your purpose? What are you doing to find out what your purpose is? Post your answers in the comments.

In the end it’s not always easy to find your purpose and live a life of fulfillment. But taking one action everyday will get you closer. 

Here’s to a very colorful Monday. You deserve it.