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7 Ways To Stoke Your Fire


I’ve been practicing being mindful for some time now. That practice has helped me be present to the various moments being lived. It helps me investigate what I’m feeling at the moment and why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Being mindful played a role throughout my weekend in the Catskills. It especially played a role when we were seated in front of a fire in a restaurant one night. The logs were burning a fiery orange waiting to either turn to ash or be stoked and have more wood added. The logs barely had a flame that threatened to go out at any moment. In this state, the fire was beautiful. Its power resting and quiet. The heat it gave off made the freezing temperatures pleasant.

One of the waitresses, who had a great energy told us about her different ways and tricks to making the fire grow, which included shredding cotton napkins and spreading them over the logs. As she added logs to the fire and stoked them, their light not only shone on the other logs but it shone brilliantly on us. I took this burning fire as a sign. As I took photos, I got closer to the heat and was reminded of the following.

Find Your Spark


Nature is so important to me. It is one of the logs of wood that keeps my fire going. It is my kindling. Love is another one. What sparks you and gets your fire going? Do that and more of it!


Get Involved

I can’t create from afar. I have to get close, get into to my desires and the things that bring me joy and fulfillment. That’s how I connect to them and them to me. I have to get fully involved in my life and that means remaining present. Presence fuels my passion.

When we were back at the cabin and it was time for me to get a fire going, I remembered my truth, that I was the one creating the magic and have been all along.


Stoke Your Own Fire

I have to remember to stoke my own fire. I have to remember to tend to it more than just occasionally and more than I stoke someone else’s. It’s not enough for me to start off roaring. I have to maintain that, “pop” of new logs being added to my fire.



Once I get my fire going, I have to surrender to the truth that it will burn brilliantly. I can’t babysit it; I have to let it be.


Be Realistic

I have to remember the, “pop” and the “roar” of my fire is expected, and so is the quiet, slow burn. There are going to be some exciting moments and at times, a log will just burn and nothing more.


Shine Bright

I can’t be afraid of my shine; my glow; my brilliance.  It’s less for me and more for us. “I shine. You shine. We shine.” If I dampen my brilliance it hurts all of us, especially me.


Great Company

Surround myself with awesomeness. Whether it’s great company or beautiful surroundings, I have to surround myself with that which will energize me.

So my dear readers. How do you stoke your fire?