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How I Became a Coach - My Story

When I was younger I got into a lot of trouble. Punishment always seemed to be looming. I was mischievous, didn't always follow the rules and I questioned everything. It drove my mom crazy and still does. She would lecture me often and at the end of most lectures she would say "Reflect on your life."


Back then, to hear those words was so annoying. It was not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear how ingenious I was at figuring out how to complete my chores quickly, how cool my unexpected explorations in the rain were, how just because my requested opinion in English class went against my teacher’s and he couldn’t deal, didn’t mean that I was wrong. Instead, her reproach led to her lectures, which typically led to her final phrase, “Reflect on your life.”


While I didn’t understand initially, listen to, or even know how to reflect, subconsciously this notion was adopted into my core values and the foundation of my character. This concept is now part of my psyche and modus operandi. Throughout the years reflection led to self-awareness. Self-awareness led to me going shoe shopping with my sis. Shoe shopping, well shopping, was my therapy at the time. As I was looking for shoes I said something to the effect of "Can you ask your friends for recommendations for a therapist? I've done a lot of work on my own but I need to get out of my own way."  Her response, "Or you can get a coach."


I'm so happy I took her advice. My overall coaching experience has been great. Deeply knowing myself, learning and connecting to my deep desires, and feeling fulfilled are just some of the benefits I’ve experienced. The most important effect of coaching on me has been to take action and be brave!


After my first coaching experience, I knew that periodically over the course of my life I would always partner with a coach. My experience was that profound. Not only was I able to understand how I was in my own way, but I was also able to understand and create for myself how I would get out of my own way. I began to realize and act upon what I always wanted, what I always desired, to be me and do any and everything that truly makes me happy.


If you haven’t picked up on how much I love coaching, appreciate its merits, and think that it does much great in the world, suffice it to say, I currently see a coach. The work that I’ve done since my first coaching experience, since becoming self-aware, since being told to reflect on my life has prepared me for living my life as I design. Last year I took a break, had a summer of fun, traveled, worked on my tan, and changed careers. I went from Marketing to Coaching. During that break I let go of what was no longer serving me and made room for what would fulfill me.


Self-awareness lead me to find my purpose, which is helping humans reach their highest potential. More specifically I want to help those looking for their purpose. I want to support those looking to find a career that aligns with their core values and brings meaning to their life. I want to coach leaders that can positively impact the world. And so I founded Adept Flow.


Want to experience guided self-discovery in a relaxed and comfortable environment, enabling you to take action to reach your goals then sign up for a complimentary 30-minute coaching session.*



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